Adobe Spark

One application with 3 tools in to choose from. Adobe Spark is a great application to use in the classroom for content creation and can be used in endless ways for students to show mastery of topics. It is a great tool for BYOD environments as it offers mobile device options as well as web-based.Even though Adobe Spark is very similar to Canva, it makes creating images even faster and easier.
On the Spark platform, you can create a graphic from scratch or by choosing a pre-designed template. Spark offers templates perfectly sized for all kinds of social media sites (such as a Pinterest pin) as well as other shapes and sizes.
Next, Spark suggests a layout and offers a gallery of themes to choose from. You could go with what’s suggested or edit the image by changing the font and background: This can be a plain color or a photo you choose from a library of Creative Commons images. You can also upload your own photo.
When a graphic is finished, it can be downloaded as a JPEG or shared via social media, direct link, email, or through Google Classroom.
What makes Spark so fast and easy is its lack of options: The user doesn’t have dozens of little ways to change an image; you can play with a few variations, but that’s basically it. This would make it a great choice for projects where you don’t want students to spend hours playing around with images.

In addition to creating images, Adobe Spark has a pretty cool video creator. It’s kind of like creating a really good looking PowerPoint, adding narration and/or music, and ending up with a movie, credits and all.

Adobe Spark Video: Create a video with ease by adding images, videos, music and text.
Adobe Spark Page: Create a dynamic flat scrollable web page.
Adobe Spark Post: Quick and easy way to make a Meme, Facebook Cover, Twitter post image, etc.


Difficulty: Moderate

Platform: Web, iOS