Last year the Hillview Campus opened with the new generation of interactive whiteboards for the Classroom. This year the Upper School¬† students and teachers returned from the summer to find this technological marvel in all the classrooms. Later this year, when the new Lower School opens, all rooms will have the BenQ’s.¬†

What is a BenQ and why is it better than a screen projection or SmartBoard?

The BenQ is the latest interactive whiteboard platform for classroom interactivity and collaboration. It does not just project an image or allow you to write on a whiteboard. The BenQ has it’s own onboard computer, can independently access the web and has a wide variety of apps used to engage students. Apps include countdown clocks, team scoring and annotation tools. The Air-connector allows teachers to turn the screen over to students to project their work from their desks. The screen has 10 touch points which allow multiple students to use the whiteboard applications simultaneously. Web sites, and their tools, can be used directly on the board instead of projecting screenshots.

The new BenQ has great versatility. It allows teachers to access their Google Docs from their Google Drive and edit them in real time, allowing the changes to be made on the original document. Teachers are able to screen record what ever they do on the board in real time, save the recording and share it with students for a nightly review. The whitescreen is able to split the screen into 3 separate screens for individual student creation, which students of all ages love!

Designed to increase class participation, improve student collaboration, and engage learners by stimulating their creativity and imagination, these BenQ’s have a germ resistant screen and are great for eye sensitivity. They are a classroom hit!

On Meet the Faculty Night, you may have been greeted by this fabulous drawing on the BenQ as you arrived.

New teacher and Alumni, Greg Johnson annotates over a video playing on the BenQ to emphasize core concepts

Sandbox mode allows multiple students to work on the board at the same time