You’re probably familiar with websites that allow users to create and print photo books, adding captions and other artwork to enhance their design.
These same platforms are also a great place for students to create any kind of book, even one that’s text-heavy. Blurb has templates for a wide variety of book types: cookbooks, portfolios, novels and memoirs, children’s books, magazines, even yearbooks. This flexibility opens up all kinds of possibilities for student book publication.

It is free to create books for online viewing. Books can be kept in digital form or purchased as a paperback, a hardcover book, a magazine, or an e-book. Finished books can even be sold through the Blurb Bookstore or through retailers like Amazon. It should be noted that these books are not cheap, and Blurb is not really set up for student use; in other words, they don’t offer features like a classroom library or teacher controls over student use. But for students who take their work seriously and are willing to put in extra work to make the cost worth it, Blurb can help them create something special they can hold in their hands.


Difficulty:  moderate

 Platform:  Web