Think of Buncee as a place where you can create not just one interactive poster, but a whole deck of them. It’s a little bit like ThingLink and PowerPoint combined.
Starting with a blank canvas, you build your slide with text, images, and embedded items like video from YouTube or Vimeo. All images available on Buncee are already licensed for public use, and any video search a user does will be filtered for inappropriate content. Buncee also offers a giant library of “stickers,” which are basically just really nice clipart images. I searched for pickle, motorcycle, Einstein, and stethoscope, and found stickers for all of them. On top of that, you can also add animations, which look a lot like the stickers, only moving.
When your slide is done, you can then create another, and another, in a PowerPoint-style slideshow that can be delivered as a regular presentation or navigated independently by the user. A Buncee can be shared as a link, through social media, or by embedding it on a website.

Website: Buncee.com

Difficulty:  Easy

 Platform:  Web, IOS