The internet wouldn’t be what it is without images. Imagine Facebook if it was all just words…and forget about Pinterest existing at all. Canva knows this, and they have developed the tools you need to create stunning, professional-looking graphic design with just a few clicks.
Starting with one of Canva’s free templates, users pull images, text, icons, photos, and other embellishments from Canva’s searchable library. Although some of these elements must be purchased for small fees (like a dollar for a stock image), Canva has plenty to choose from in the free category as well.
What’s great about Canva is that it allows people with zero artistic talent to produce nice looking images in very little time. And by taking some of Canva’s free, interactive tutorials, users can get even better.
So when you or your students need a graphic for a website, a poster to advertise a special event, a collection of images to add interest to a document or presentation, or even physical prints, Canva will give you stunning results.


Difficulty:  Moderate

 Platform:  Web, IOS, Android