ClassDojo allows you to track student behavior and reward students, either individually or as a whole class, for making good choices. As students demonstrate positive or negative behaviors, the teacher can give or take away points. This places a point total beside the avatar, and that total can go up or down throughout the class period. The students are represented by monster avatars (which can be customized by the student). 

One feature that makes ClassDojo so popular is how it facilitates communication between parents, students, and teachers. With separate codes, both students and parents can access their accounts from home to track behavior. Parents can directly message teachers through the account, with a written or voice message.  In addition, ClassDojo has added newer features that also give parents a look at the student’s day: Class Stories allows teachers to post pictures of class activities, and the Student Stories feature sets up a student- led digital portfolio for each child. They also offer tools to help students with social and emotional skills.

In addition to the tool itself, ClassDojo offers a nice collection of teacher resources, including videos to introduce students to the program, and a letter for parents on back-to-school night.


Difficulty:  moderate

 Platform:  Web, iOS, Android, Kindle Fire