Create A Ticket

Email Support

Submit an email to and this will automatically create a ticket in our ZenDesk ticketing system.  That way, all the IT staff can see the issues, and collaborate on tickets.

In the subject line, put this:

[School Abbreviation] + [Room Number] + [Short Descriptor of Problem]

Example: L/S Room 5 – Computer on Fire

In the body of the email, put a more detailed description of the issue.

  • You can include pictures!

    • You can include screenshots of the issue/error if applicable (it helps us a lot when pinning down an issue)

  • Time that error occurred (If applicable)

    • If it’s an internet issue, or disconnection, or error of some kind, including the time that the error/issue happened at helps.  If you notice any patterns with the issue, that helps tremendously.

  • Time you are free for us to work on the issue.

    • If there’s a time that is most convenient for you, please include it in the ticket.