“Wow, Hour of Code was amazing…my students keep asking to do more and want to do it every day ~5th grade faculty”

DCDS All Over Hour of Code in 2018

Last week was hour of code (December 3-9, 2018) and DCDS was in full participation.   

Hour of Code is an initiative that began in 2014 by Code.org.  It began as a 1 hour coding challenge to give students an introduction to computer science.  It has since become a global learning event. Hour of Code takes place every year during Computer Science Education week and is a great time for schools to spotlight computer science programs and the importance of learning to code.  Hour of Code offers a variety of one-hour coding activities students can participate in.


”Hour of Code Dance party- LOVE this!  One of the favorite things I’ve done” ~LS Science

Hour of Code was introduced at DCDS in 2015.  Each year faculty are reminded about hour of code with it being an option to run in their classrooms.  Our participation in the event has increased each year, with this years participants being over 600 students.

Want to learn more?  Here are a few links to DCDS blog posts about the benefits of coding and resources to use to integrate coding

  • Lower School students: Grades PK3-2
    • Used various coding apps/activities to retell stories or enhance lessons taught in class
      • Unplugged activities using printed cards
      • Scratch Jr (block based coding program on iPads)
      • Code-a-pillar-caterpillar that needs to be programed to work
      • Use of ozobots (toy robots that need to be programmed to work)
      • Use of OSMO-Coding Awbie
      • Hour of Code Dance party
  • Junior School students: Grades 3-5
    • Participated in various Hour of Code 2-5 learning activites (mostly MineCraft and Dance Party)
  • Middle School Students: Grades 6-8
    • 6th grade Super Six Skills course participated in Hour of Code learning activities
  • Upper School students:  Grades 9-12
    • Students in a Biology course participated in a BreakoutEdu Digital Activity called “Crack the Code”

-It was a huge hit…They were super interested and we played this over and over for nearly an hour”~PK 3 Faculty

It was great!  My classes were so good at problem solving their way out of the Breakout room.  They really enjoyed it! ~US Biology Faculty