As with each of the tools in this section, EDpuzzle enables you to build an interactive, online lesson around a pre-existing video. You start by choosing a video, which you can import yourself or search for right inside the EDpuzzle platform. Their search engine lets you look through the YouTube archives plus those of Khan Academy, TED, and a lot more.

Once you’ve chosen a video, you can trim it so that only the part you choose is shown, add voice comments to it, and write multiple-choice or open- ended questions to come up at any point in the video. You can also set the video to not allow students to skip ahead while watching.

After students complete the lesson, you’ll get analytics about how long each student watched, which parts they re-watched (if any), and individual and whole-class responses so you can look for patterns.

A few more features:

  • Students can create their own lessons, viewable only by the teacher.

  • EDpuzzle offers a library of free teacher-created lessons (including videos) that you can borrow.

  • Students can get accounts without email addresses, or use their Edmodo or Google accounts.

Website: edpuzzle.com

Difficulty:  moderate

 Platform: Web, iOS, Android, YouTube Extension