If the thought of letting students start their own blogs without any limitations bothers you, Edublogs would be a smart option for you.

One of the longest-running platforms for teacher and student blogging, Edublogs provides everything you need to set up and maintain a class set of blogs. Here, students can write their own blogs, contribute to a whole-class blog, and try some in-between options as well. There’s even an option to set up student accounts using one teacher email, which is ideal in cases where you’re working with young children, when students do not have email addresses, or when you just want to keep things simple.

The teacher has complete control over all the content in a class set of Edublogs. You can set things up so that you approve all student blog posts and comments before they are ever seen publicly; this makes Edublogs a great place to learn and practice blogging. Edublogs also offers a variety of plug-ins that can add extra features to your
blog, like a calendar of events, a contact form, polls from Crowdsignal (formerly Polldaddy), a timeline, and math symbols.


Difficulty:  moderate

 Platform:  Web, IOS and Android