In Evernote, users create notes, then organize them into notebooks, making it possible to store information for every area of your life in one place. But there’s so much more:

  • Evernote is cloud-based, so you can access it from any computer or device. And it syncs across devices: If you add a note on your phone, you’ll see it the next time you open Evernote on your laptop.

  • You can set reminders for a note—Evernote will email you reminders about due dates, etc.

  • Notes can be shared with others.

  • Whole web pages, images, or emails can be sent straight into Evernote.

  • You can photograph or scan a document, and Evernote will scan it and store the text for future searching.

  • Notes can be tagged, to make them searchable. You can also do a text- level search, where Evernote will search inside all of your notes—even handwritten ones—for key phrases.

Website: evernote.com

Difficulty: Moderate

Platform: Web, iOS, Android, Windows, Mac