Flipgrid is a video discussion platform that has become increasingly popular to use in the classroom providing teachers and students another tool to make it easier to have face-to-face communication right through their devices.

Teachers create the grid and ask a question to students. From their own devices, students then go into the grid and record their video responses, which are then added to that topic for others to view. Time limits for the videos are set by the topic creator, and participants can record a video multiple times until they get it right, then submit it for others to view.  A grid can be limited to a classroom, a school or district, or it can be public

Users can create multiple topics inside one grid, so you can store many ongoing conversations with varied groups all inside one platform. You can also customize security settings for each grid, so that no uninvited participants can come inside.  Flipgrid’s new Guest Mode allows you to invite parents and community members to participate in any topic you want.

Website: flipgrid.com

Difficulty:  moderate

Platform:  Web, iOS, Android