Sometimes kids just need an opportunity to stretch, wiggle, and make a little noise. Try to refocus them, and their energy will eventually come bursting out in the form of undesirable behavior.

GoNoodle addresses this problem with its library of interactive, video-based brain breaks, each one five minutes or less, designed for elementary students. There’s dancing, Wii-style sports play, yoga, and even Zumba. Many of the breaks have students play games that build skills and develop fluency in core subjects.

When you start a free class account, your students can choose a class “Champ,” a mascot who grows larger the more students play. Once it has grown to its full size, the class is issued a printable certificate and can choose a new Champ. Teachers use this system to motivate students, issuing class rewards when Champs have grown to their full size.

GoNoodle offers more than enough content for a full school year, so students won’t get tired of doing the same activities over and over. This tool isn’t just restricted to schools, so families, church groups, and homeschoolers can also take advantage of GoNoodle’s fun, motivational tools.

Upgrading to GoNoodle Plus for Teachers unlocks hundreds of videos, adds interactive standards-aligned games, allows some games to be customized with your own questions, and offers printable learning extensions.

GoNoodle is free for basic features.

Website: GoNoodle.com

Difficulty:  Easy

 Platform:  Web, iOS, Android