Google Forms

For people who are already using Google Drive’s suite of tools, including Google Docs and Google Slides, you’ll find Google Forms to be a convenient tool for creating surveys.
Forms allows users to build surveys with many different types of questions: multiple-choice, open- ended text questions, a rating scale, dropdown menus, or a list of checkboxes to allow for multiple selections. You can also include photos and embed YouTube videos right into your questions. And teachers can also use Google Forms to create self-scoring Quizzes.
Forms are stored within Google Drive, and once responses have been collected, you can export them to a Google Sheets spreadsheet. You can also view responses through graphs and charts generated within Forms itself.
What really sets Google Forms apart from other tools is that users can create unlimited forms and collect unlimited responses totally free, and it all happens conveniently inside the Google platform. It would be an excellent choice for those wanting to try their hands at survey creation.


Difficulty: Easy

Platform: Accessed through Google Drive