Google Keep

If Evernote and OneNote are a bit complicated for you, but you’d still like a place online to store notes, consider Google Keep.
Google Keep is kind of a blank corkboard where you add notes. Once a note is written, it is added to your Keep as a tile, looking a bit like a Pinterest pin, but unlike on Pinterest, you can rearrange the order in which they appear.
• Notes can include typed text, uploaded images, hand-drawn images, hyperlinked text, even a voice memo that can be converted into text.
• Notes can be color-coded and labeled, and you can change the way you view your whole Keep by only looking at notes that share the same label.
• You can schedule reminders to be sent to you about specific notes.
• Notes can be shared, so you can collaborate on a note with others.
• Notes can be dropped into Google Docs.
Getting started with Keep is a breeze, so if you already have a Google account, give it a try. Just go to the address on the right or click on the Apps icon from inside Google Drive (the grid of gray tiles to the left of your name along the top bar) and click “more” until the Keep icon pops up


Difficulty:  easy

 Platform:  Web,IOS, Android