Google Quizzes

Although Google Forms was originally designed for surveys, you can also use it to create quizzes. Quiz items come in multiple choice, checkboxes, linear
scales, grids, short answer, or long answer form. You can also include images or video in a quiz, and quizzes can be broken into separate sections.
When students take the quiz, Forms will automatically grade every response that has a correct answer identified. If you assign essay questions or open-ended questions, you can grade those manually after the auto-grading is done.

When students complete a quiz, they have the option to view their scores right away. This provides an excellent opportunity for immediate feedback,
but you can also disable this feature in your teacher settings; scores can be emailed to students at a later time. Finally, the tool allows you to add automatic feedback that will appear based on how a student responds to a question. So if a student gets an answer wrong, when he views his results, he can read your explanation of why the
correct answer was right. You can also embed videos into these explanations, allowing for a rich learning experience.


Difficulty:  moderate

 Platform:  Web, but optimized for all devices