Google Sheets

Google Sheets is a good, free spreadsheet program. Available as one of the many applications inside Google Drive, Sheets offers many of the same features as Excel. Although people who work with complex formulas and really advanced spreadsheet functions say that it lacks Excel’s overall power, for basic charting and analysis, Google Sheets can get the job done.
One advantage of Sheets is that multiple people can work on the same spreadsheet from different locations. This is because the file is stored on Google Drive and users work on it within that cloud-based system. If internet access isn’t available, however, users can access their files offline if they work in a Chrome browser, then sync them back up the next time they are online.
Another nice feature is the fact that if you use Google Forms to collect any kind of data, you have it transferred right into a Sheet without having to mess around with any kind of formatting or file transfers. This makes it easy for students to collect and report on real data for project-based learning or other research projects.


Difficulty: Challenging

Platform: Web, iOS, Android