Haiku Deck

If you’re a fan of the Presentation Zen movement, you’ll love Haiku Deck. This free web-based presentation tool gently nudges you to create slides that are works of art by providing over 40 million beautiful free images to place in your slides. If you want a picture of a mountain, type “mountain” in the search bar and you’ll get dozens of gorgeous mountain photos from which to choose. After you pick one, it fills the whole slide—not cropped in the corner. It’s a dramatic effect that lets the image help you tell your story.

If you prefer a solid background, you can have that. You can also add bar graphs and pie charts, and even bulleted lists, if you must.

When your Deck is ready to share, the options are extensive: With a free account, you can share your presentation through social media, via email, with a direct link, by embedding it on a website, or by assigning it in Google Classroom. 

Website: haikudeck.com

Difficulty: Easy

Platform: Web, iPad. Viewable on any mobile device.