LiveBinders collect, organize, and embed lots of different types of content all in one online, shareable space.  They are just like physical notebooks, with tabs and sub-tabs that can be opened and closed. Each sub-tab stores a separate piece of content, with a ton of options for what you can include:

  • Type a paragraph or a page of text; choose multiple layouts that can include mixed images and text, columns, or even just a title page.

  • Upload any type of file. If it’s an image or a PDF, it will be viewable inside the binder. Other file types will provide a link for viewers to download.

  • Embed a video or other multimedia like a Prezi, a Padlet, a set of Quizlet flashcards, an entire website that operates right inside the binder, a fully editable Google Doc, a Google Form that can be filled out inside the binder, etc.

This tool would be perfect for organizing whole units of study, either for your own reference or to share with students, parents, or colleagues. LiveBinders can be shared with a link or even by embed the binder itself into your Canvas pages


Difficulty:  moderate

 Platform:  Web, iOS, Android