NewseumED is the educational branch of Newseum, a news museum located in Washington, D.C. NewseumED offers free accounts that link teachers to fantastic primary sources, news artifacts, and lessons and units that help teachers teach media literacy, civics, and all aspects of the First Amendment.

There are several ways to search for content—by state, century, theme, topics, type of resource, and so on. Once you find something you’d like your students to use—a map, a newspaper, a quiz—you can share it with them via a link.  In addition, NeweumED  has a variety of resources available if you find a lesson or unit  you’d like to teach aligned to a variety of standard (download, print or copy any of the handouts that are aligned with a variety of standards- NCSS, NCHS, NCTE, and Common Core Standards), 



Difficulty:  Easy

 Platform:  Web