Padlet is a hard tool to fit into one category. Through one lens, it’s a curation tool: an online corkboard where you can pin notes, pictures, files, and links to other places. Think Pinterest, but with more flexibility: You can move things around however you like, make some items bigger than others, add regular files, and write directly onto your board.
Through another lens, it’s a collaboration tool, where you can engage in an online discussion with others while also sharing resources in one place. Regardless of how you label it, Padlet is a pretty incredible tool. Check out these 20 fantastic ideas for using it.
To start, just open a new Padlet, double-click anywhere on the wall, and start typing a post. You can format the text with bold, italics, and underlining, and other rich text features, like numbered and bulleted lists. Once you’ve posted on your Padlet, you can opt to have others comment or react to the items you’ve shared with upvotes and stars.
Share your Padlet through the usual social media channels, email, printing, direct link, or by exporting it as an image, a PDF, or an Excel file. You can even embed it directly in another website or link to it with a QR code.


Difficulty:  Easy

 Platform:  Web, IOS, Android