Pixlr is a great all-in-one platform for all your basic photo editing needs, with features like photo cropping, resizing, rotation, adjustment of exposure, filters, plus a lot more for more advanced users.

The Pixlr site actually offers several web-based apps, each of which provides a different level of difficulty:

  • Pixlr Editor provides an interface that has many of the same capabilities as Photoshop—users who have (or want to learn) true digital photo editing skills should use this.

  • Pixlr Express is a simpler tool for quick editing.

  • Pixlr Pro offers more advanced tools and a library of stock photos,

    templates, and premium fonts.

  • Pixlr X, new in 2018, which the company describes as “an innovative merge between Express and Editor.”

    In the past, users could save images in Pixlr’s cloud storage, but they discontinued this feature in 2018, so edited images need to be stored on your computer.

Website: pixlr.com

Difficulty: Varies

Platform: Web, iOS, Android