Prezi takes the ordinary slideshow and gives it movement. Instead of a deck of slides, one large picture forms the basis of a presentation: a staircase, a tree with roots, a path of footsteps. On that picture, the presenter places words, images, and embedded videos—except you don’t see them at first. That’s because the presentation moves you in a path around that large picture, sliding left to right, rotating, zooming in on various objects, then out again to show you where they fit in the larger structure.

As with many of the tools in this section, Prezi presentations are stored online. To present, just go to your account, open your presentation to full- screen, and start clicking. You can also share presentations on social media, or embed them on a website.

With Prezi Next*, Prezi’s newest iteration, users have a new collection of fresh templates to try, plus more flexibility in how they move through their presentations—you no longer have to stay on a fixed path. This allows presenters to better respond to their audience’s needs. Another improvement with the Next version is that embedded images, videos, and other text are not visible until the presenter zooms in on them; this makes the overall presentation look a lot cleaner. 


Difficulty:  Moderate

 Platform:  Web, IOS, Android