Sure, you could send home a paper newsletter made with Microsoft Word; you’d certainly be in good company, since that’s what most people do. But if you’re ready for a change, a tool like Smore will let you send home a fresh, gorgeous digital flyer that goes right to parents’ inboxes.
Smore’s flyers come in a wide range of templates. From within a template, you can build your newsletter with blocks of text, photos, embedded videos, event announcements, audio clips, and clickable buttons to prompt readers to go right where you tell them to.
When your newsletter is ready to share, you can send it straight to your recipients via email, embed it in a website, or share it via social media.
But wait, there’s more: Smore’s analytics let you see who opened your flyer and clicked on the links inside, so you know exactly who is getting your message. And if all of your recipients aren’t online, you can print out a paper copy of your flyer as well.


Difficulty:  Easy

 Platform:  Web, but optimized for all devices