Storyboard That

In Storyboard That, users build comic strip-style storyboards from a searchable library of hundreds of backgrounds, customizable and posable characters, and props, including items from specific historical periods. If you need an item not included in the library, you can also upload your own.
What makes Storyboard That an even more powerful learning tool is the different layouts it offers: Users can create traditional comic strips in linear form (like the one in the photo), but they can also put the same images into a variety of graphic organizers, like a spider map, a T-chart, a grid, or even a Frayer Model. This opens up all kinds of possibilities for mapping concepts and demonstrating learning.
Finished Storyboards can be shared in so many ways: They can be printed, embedded on a website, shared on social media, downloaded as a PDF, or even presented as a slideshow on the Storyboard That platform or downloaded as a PowerPoint, where each cell of your storyboard will get its own slide.
As if all that weren’t enough, Storyboard That also offers a massive library of lesson plans and teacher guides for middle and high school ELA, U.S. and world history, K-5, Spanish, Special Ed, and STEM. Each lesson accompanies a student project that can be done on the platform.


Difficulty:  moderate

 Platform:  Web no app available but compatible with IOS and Android tablets