The first impression of Tumblr may be that it might deserve the nickname “lazy blogging,” because you can basically throw anything on a Tumblr site and it will just be placed at the top of your feed. But another nickname might be “Twitter on Steroids,” because like Twitter, you can follow other people on Tumblr, but you’re not limited to 140  characters. It’s also a bit like Instagram in that it seems to favor images.

Like Twitter, Tumblr is officially considered a microblogging site, where people “blog” with very small posts; unlike Twitter, though, there is no limit to how long a post can be. A Tumblr post can consist of regular text, a photo, a nicely styled quote, a video, or an audio clip.  When others see your posts, they can “like” them or reblog them on their own Tumblr pages. The main reason teachers should know about Tumblr is because students are on Tumblr, especially those in high school and college.


Website: Tumblr.com

Difficulty:  moderate

 Platform:  Web, IOS and Android