Everyone keeps to-do lists, right? Not only to-dos, but other kinds of lists, like websites you want to check out, gift ideas for an upcoming birthday, grocery lists, or a combination of to-DOs and to-BUYs for a special project.

Wunderlist is a simple but powerful app that keeps your lists organized.
• keep multiple lists for different areas of your life
• add sub-items to list items
• share lists with others
• set reminders and notifications associated with lists and individual items
• add notes within list items, so you can store more details without
cluttering up the main list
Because Wunderlist is available on most every platform and device, you can maintain your list no matter where you are, putting an end to the chase for those little scraps of paper.
According to online sources, Wunderlist was acquired by Microsoft a few years back and was supposed to be replaced by Microsoft’s To-Do, but as of December 2018, Wunderlist was still available. It appears that support for Wunderlist may be dwindling, so new users might try To-Do instea

Website: wunderlist.com

Difficulty: Moderate

Platform: Web, iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, desktop downloads for Windows and Mac