General Information

Please send all requests for support including technology issues, educational technology training, and issues with software applications such as Senior Systems, Canvas and My Backpack to us by sending us an email to It is helpful to include the following in the subject line of your email:

[Building Abbreviation + Room Number + Short description]

Please click Here for more information on what to include in your ticket.

All employees and students can connect to our wireless network called DCDS using their username and password.  This is pre-configured on any device you have been assigned by IT. You can connect to this network on personal devices as well, such as your phone, tablet or other mobile devices by using your DCDS account username and password. If you are connecting a personal device to our network for the first time you will have to install our DCDS certificate before you will be able to connect.

The DCDS Guest Wireless network is provided to vendors, parents, presenters and other guests.  This network does not require a password, but only allows access to the internet, and blocks all access to our internal systems.

Google Chrome is the recommended and supported web browser at DCDS.  Once logged in to chrome with your DCDS email address and password, you will have access to Email, Calendar, Contacts, Hangouts, Keep and other systems without having to login again.  You will also have a folder of Managed Bookmarks in your bookmarks bar titled “DCDS Links” that automatically appear with links to systems that we use.

We provide and support every employee and student with a Google Drive Filestream account.  This is a cloud storage platform that has unlimited online storage. You should have Filestream already installed on your computer.  We do not backup end user computers, and computers can fail. It is very important to have an offline copy of your files. We can recover deleted items from your Filestream account, and encourage you to utilize it.

We also support Google Team Drives.  This is an online storage tool that allows you to create, share and collaborate on documents with your colleagues.  To manage Team Drives, login to the web version of Google Drive at

You can find contact information for all employees, including email address, desk phone and cell phone numbers if available, by logging into Google Contacts. You can also find classroom phone numbers here as well:

Specific Information


Most of the applications we use are web based. The list of sites that we use are located on our apps portal page at:

Students can login to this site with their DCDS username and password.

Any other software that may be required for a specific class (Photoshop, Illustrator, Microsoft Office, etc.) can be installed by our Help Desk Technicians. 

In the event that you find yourself without a computer at school you can visit the Help Desk to check out a Chromebook Loaner. For more information about the Chromebook Loaner devices click Here.

No. If your laptop needs to be charged you can leave it at the Help Desk to charge and/or check out a Chromebook Loaner. Chromebooks are the only devices that can be checked out at the Help Desk.

There are two methods for printing to school printers.

  1. We share out the appropriate printers via Google Cloud Print so they will appear as print destinations when logged into Google Chrome using your DCDS account.
  2. Go to, login with your school credentials, upload your document, select a printer, then submit the job.

For more detailed instructions on printing to school printers click Here.


Every classroom is outfitted with interactive projection hardware and an iPad document camera if needed.  You can connect to the display with an HDMI cable from your laptop, or wirelessly via Airplay on Mac or AirParrot on PC.  The iPad document cameras connect via Airplay.

Every classroom has a telephone with a direct dial extension.  Each employee is assigned a direct dial phone number that is different than the classroom phone number.  When someone leaves you a voicemail message, the message will be emailed to you as an attachment. You can manage your voicemail account by going to

Click Here for an email signature template.

All new technology requests (Hardware & Software) MUST be submitted to Dean Haratsaris or Matt Nelson so that we can assist you.  We have a vetting process for new technology, and all new hardware and software purchases will not be processed by the Business Office without IT approval.  If you wish to request technology hardware or software, please fill out This Form.

We utilize Google Hangouts for instant messaging.  It’s accessible by logging in with your email address and password to or with mobile apps available in the app store or play store.  Please note that students do not have access to Google Hangouts.

Please click Here to review our Responsible Use Policy.